View Full Version : Hair Transplant Surgeon recommendations for WI/IL area

05-01-2016, 07:57 AM
New to this forum and trying to find out best option for FUE transplant. I stay in Milwaukee, WI and was looking for options in WI/IL area. Thank you for the help in advance.

05-01-2016, 10:06 AM
do not get a hair transplant, I have supposedly been to the best, Bosley more than 20yrs ago and Dr Cole about 1yr ago and both just scare the hell out of your head...it is not about doing whats best for you it is about how much of your money they can put in their pocket. If you have any chance of being beyond a Norwood 4 you can never hope to have a full head of hair, just a expensive comb over. Many photos that you see of people are manipulated with lighting, which you can also do on yourself by going under light and then moving away from the light - you will see how your hair goes from thinning to thicker looking, even this web site founder did a write and photo experiment showing the same person within seconds with different light and you would not have believed that it was the same person. Yes, you will find happy people with HTs but there are many people that are not...many that doing not come forward...it is simply a waste of money and even today's methods do not prevent the scaring...FUE will put hundreds or even thousand of scars on your head which the doctors do not emphasize because they know that they will loss money so they only highlight how natural the hair transplants look. If you do not believe me I can show you...just join the sly bald guys web site and I will try to meet you to show you my scares both linear and FUE...we do not live that far away from each other. YOUR BEST OPTION IS TO LIVE WITH WHAT NATURE GAVE YOU...JUST SHAVE IT OFF AS IT DOES NOT COST YOU MUCH OTHER THAN RAZORS AND TIME, AND NO MENTAL HARDSHIP (yes I know that losing your hair is also a mental hardship but after 20+ yrs and after shaving myself, I wish that I had tried shaving first but you absolutely have to give shaving 3 to 6 months to give yourself a chance to get use to your look...I liked my shaved look immediately cried for days after because I like the looked and never gave it a chance...now if I only did not have the scares...

05-03-2016, 03:20 AM
@aga1793, I'm in the same situation as you. I'm also in WI looking into getting a FUE transplant. I don't think I want to get it done in Milwaukee though. I've been mostly looking at the IL surgeons recommended from this website.