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04-29-2016, 10:13 AM
Hello all first time starting a topic but have been struggling with what to do and figured I would ask here to get some opinions.
Guess I should start at the begging of my hair loss story. Started losing my hair around 19 and it crushed me. My hairloss wasn't that quick just a receding to around a NW2 by 22 I was confused scared and decided to get a hair transplant. First place I went was Bosley(pittsburgh office) and they actually turned me down. Said my hairloss wasn't bad enough. I then went to NUhart in pittsburgh. They promptly signed me up and did 500 graphs. This was 17 years ago so it was FUT. They also did some larger 6 to 10 hair graphs just ahead of the crown. The result wasn't actually bad the graphs took well and looked pretty good but the shock loss and waiting a year until graphs really came out left me at a negative amount of hair from when the hair transplant took place. Frustrated I found MHR in rockville md forget the doc, was 15 years ago and I didn't keep paperwork. This guy was a butcher left me with a pluggy look and a real wide scar, only solace was with graftcyte my hair transplant didn't fall out (only 500 graphs)and I was able to get a short reprieve from my hairloss trouble but once my natural hair receded it was obvious when looking at my hair line that I had a transplant. Went to DR John Cole who told me to get on propecia and performed a corrective transplant of 1000 graphs the hair took well and I was very happy with the work DR cole did. I forgot about my hairloss lived my life, got married had a son etc etc. I was able to hide my hair transplants from everyone, told my wife but she didn't know before telling her. My hair loss stabilized with propecia but I very slowly lost some ground but not enough to matter to me much. Then 4 years ago my wife got pregnant, we had read that the propecia could effect the unborn baby so I stopped propecia. Didn't really notice anything different as far as loss so I didn't get back on it. After 3 years my hair had slowly regressed to where my hairloss started to bother me again. You know the story at first its a bad haircut, then it looks bad when its blown out of place, then bad under certain lights then looks bad all the time. I got back on propecia but have continued my slow hair loss added minoxidil. Been 6 months with no progress except for my hair continuing to leave me. i had only been taking propecia(generic) 5 days a week 1.25 mg and minoxidil 5 or 6 times a week. Last month I take propecia every day and minoxidil 8 to 10 times a week(hate putting it on in the morning and trying to style my hair)
So long story I feel like I have a few options
A. keep doing what I am doing, I added dermmatch which makes my hair look much better, sets me back 2 or 3 years. see if the increasing min/pro helps
B. Get SMP on the scar from FUT and hope that my hair transplants are not totally noticeable when I shave my head
C. Get another hair transplant.
I hate to spend money that could be going to my kids college fund, feel like I am cheating the family spending money that could be spent other places. My wife and I both have good jobs I could afford the transplant but we would notice 5k to 8k. I could swing 3k but don't think the result would be realistic and would leave me with the issue of facing the same issue in a few years. SMp on scar is affordable but won't leave me with more hair but hopefully the option if my hair continues to thin to give up and shave it but not sure the hair on top is going to not look fake when real short. Waiting probably makes the most sense but I fear if I wait to long my hair won't be able to cover up a transplant and everyone will know I had one, they don't currently. what advice do you guys have? Joe if you could give me your opinion I would greatly appreciate it.