View Full Version : 20 years old and looking for advice on my hair loss situation

04-28-2016, 10:43 PM
Hello, i am currently 20 years old and have been balding for roughly around 3 years. I currently have a very receded hair line. for years i have been able to cover it up by growing out my hair and having an extra long forehead. I have accepted the fact that one day i am going to be bald, but at the rate i am going i am worried i wont have hair by the time i am 23. For the past couple of years i have tried numerous hair products to help preserve the hair i have. I want some advice on whether taking propecia is worth the risk and how much of a risk is there truly? my situation with my head is different than most in the fact that i have next to no hair loss in the back of my scalp. All i truly want is to be able to make it out of college while maintaining the hair i have presently.

I know for a fact that the cause of my hair loss is simply genetics. While my dad has some hair on the top of his head, my 25 year old brother is deep in the stages of balding. Where the balding jeans come from are on my moms side, where all 3 of her brothers were bald by the time they were 30.

My situation is different in the fact that i am very self-conscience with my hair. I constantly am looking in mirrors all day trying to make my hair look good. this has lead me to speed the rate of hair loss. while in high school i constantly parted my hair to the side leading to one temple being more receded than the other. When i came to college i switched the sides that i parted my hair to and now the same thing has happened on that side. now i have noticed that if you were to look at temple that i am currently parting my hair away from, you can see that i have been running my fingers the same path to do my hair and it has created a path of less hair.

I have read countless articles online about propecia and all seem to be a bit biased. It seems like there is a good amount of people who have suffered from the side effects, but from what i have learned only around 2% actually are effected. Also i have read articles of doctors saying that the side effects stop once a person discontinues the prescription, and other articles where doctors say that they dont always go away. Which is the truth?

I am not going to get a hair transplant but i think i would like to try taking propecia. What i really would like is to stop hair loss in its track, it would be an added bonus to regain some thickness but realistically i know that that is tough to do so.

My hair has been giving me a good amount of anxiety recently and i would like some advice.