View Full Version : back on the fight full on - a short of my last year or so

04-26-2016, 01:57 PM
hey there fellas.

i was on oral dut for a good while (dont remeber exactly how long but +- 12 months),
than - unwillingly i had to quit (checked into rehab and they didn't allowed me to take it since i had no precription)
so i switched to fin.
also quit minoxidil at that time (along with topical fin) because i got lazy AND because when i was using dut, it stopped my hairloss almost completely so i thought fin alone will be fine as well.

but after about 1-2 months since i've switched to fin from dut and stopped the minox&topical fin i started to see a lot of shedding again.

just a few days ago i went back on taking dut, along with the fin (dont care its an over kill), and went back on the topical ****, which i improved this way ---
i took my minox solution (MinoxMax brand) which contains -
15% minox
0.1% fin
azelaic and other ****,
i took it and divided it by two (30 ml each bottle)
-30 pills of dutas (although i'd say that about 1/5 th to 1/6 th of the dutas liquid was lost while i mixed it with the solution because it got smeared on my hands, left in the funnel and left inside the gelatin pill)
-about 10% of DMI
- a whole bottle of bima that i had
and the whole addition gave me something close to 60ml,
i'd also say that everything got dissolved in the solution completely !

so i've also started to use this a few days ago - 2ml once a day (at night before sleep because it makes my hair greasy and disgusting) - so i use approximately -
1mg fin
15% minox
and 0.5mg dut
at each application

im still shedding but i hope it'll change soon.

all this time by the way, i was using nizoral EACH DAY, and it didnt make any difference (though maybe on its own its nothing, but along with the other stuff it cant hurt)

now i want to also add a 5% topical spiro, but im still looking for a good method to make it since spiro is not very soluble in pure ethanol (only 2%)
i want to add spiro because a few years back i've used a 2% solution (along with other stuff) and after about two weeks it stopped the shedding completely.

so thats it, just wanted to share this with you guys.
i'll update if something good will happen.

right now im in the worst i've ever been -
hairline is super receded AND the whole top of my head is super thinned out. i hope at least i'll get a fuller top because now it really looks like im about to go bald.

i'd appriciate if any of you guys will also share your experience AND if someone knows where to get some pure dutas powder (or liquid) and not pills i'd appriciate it (dont want to loose dutas while adding it to the minox)