View Full Version : Question for minoxidal and propecia users..

04-24-2016, 03:27 PM
Question for minoxidal and propecia users..
I hated using rogain liquid every morning it left my scalp scaly and dry... foam is hard to apply due to having long hair but IT doesnt leave skin dry and irritated like the liquid and absorbs well..
Never actually commited to min so i want to try and see if it can improve my thinning hair

My question is anyone use SPRAY FORM MINOXIDIL

I found a minoxidil brand where it comes in spray form i feel this would be the easiest way to apply it.


Also for propecia users anyone here use lower dosage then 1mg?

What dose?
Isit effective?
Was the sides reduced?

Ive learnt that sides do not reduce but was wondering if it did for some people

04-26-2016, 05:14 AM
Have you tried Kirkland for minoxidil?

It's more greasy (not sure if you will like it though), so doesn't leave the scalp so dry (my experience).
But I had to leave it on top for hours, so do it well before going to bed otherwise you may see it on pillow next morning :)