View Full Version : Dr. Gabel is worth the travel to Portland!

03-16-2010, 06:04 PM
What a wonderful experience with Dr. Gabel and his staff!

I am in the unique position of having used two different doctors for two different hair transplant procedures. My first experience was fine, but I had no idea I could actually enjoy the whole event until I had my second transplant operation done by Dr Gabel. Due to the fact that my first doctor had retired I had to seek out a new one - I wanted the best and I can assure you I found him. In fact, the experience was such a sharp positive contrast that I requested to write a testimonial.

I will start with the pre operation and the staff, they all love what they do and it comes out in them shows the minute you arrive. They realize that while it might be routine for them, it is not isn't for the patient. As a business owner myself I am impressed with how upbeat the entire crew was and how respectful they treated me and my family. They instantly made my wife, me and my kids feel at home insuring we were comfortable.

The operation itself was virtually pain free and I can say the comparison is shocking to my first procedure. Nothing is inefficient and someone is always working on you, there is very little pain, it goes quick and the techniques used drastically changed the swelling I experienced, in fact I didn't experience any swelling on my second operation and the first one I was so swollen my eyes closed.

I would consider Dr. Gable the Michelangelo of hair transplant doctors and will happily offer a verbal reference at any time.