View Full Version : ARTAS For The Novice, Experts Agree It's The Safer Choice - Dr. Glenn Charles

04-18-2016, 02:41 PM
The field of surgical hair restoration is growing and changing rapidly. With the advent of motorized and suction assisted FUE extraction devices, coupled with savvy, but not necessary forthright marketing the “turnkey” hair transplant practice was born.

These type of facilities are becoming a significant segment of the market making it even more difficult for consumers who are not really doing their due diligence to make fully informed decisions.

While there is no doubt that experience counts and is vital for producing the best possible aesthetic outcomes no matter which device is used, most experts agree that at the very least the ARTAS will provide a much safer and more consistent outcome for those patients who choose to go to new, or less experienced practices, and in time will eliminate many of the human variables that create most of the disastrous outcomes that we are unfortunately hearing about coming from these “turnkey” clinics.