View Full Version : VIDEO Dr. Lindsey 5 month check of MFUE scarring in case to repair FUE

Dr. Lindsey
04-18-2016, 07:30 AM
This fellow is 5 months out from MFUE to repair an FUE density issue. He stopped in for a scar check and I grabbed a quick video. He looks good with a #4 cut.

Now its just a waiting game until the front fills in, and we'll check him back at a year.

Shown are his video today, including his procedure and 10 day check up.


Next compare this fellow's video with an uneventful MFUE course to the following video that I put up last week. VERY similar cases, age, size of case, etc...but guy number 2 shown below had real scar issues we had to jump on. Fortunately both will likely get great scars and nice hair.

His video is:


Dr. Lindsey McLean VA