View Full Version : Retrograde alopecia? Discuss?

04-17-2016, 03:56 PM
Hey guys. So for... well over a year I've been on and off worrying about "retrograde" alopecia. (sides.. and back? of head) This all started after I first got my hair shaved at a number 2 on the back and sides. I noticed I could pull hairs out really easily. And I panicked.

The thing is... since then the sides haven't thinned out any more based on pictures. My hairline hasn't moved in the 3 years I've been checking it. An my crown is fine.... But the sides DO look thinner (than the rest of my head). And I they feel more rough and wirey around there too. But this could be due to months of pulling (aka trichotillomania) which apparently causes this.

Is this merely because they were shaved at a grade 2 at the sides?
It's similar to this... and this is on a women... so. Is it normal? Does this area just have less hair. I've seen some posts with this kind of hair and they have worried also... but Is it just normal?




If I haven't noticed a change in my hairline for years and no crown thinning... could I still have sides thinning? They seem to also have stayed the same but... still look thin to me :S

NOTE: also... when I was panicking I checked the back of my head (not the nape, actually the back) and noticed If I pulled the same, hairs would come out. So I calmed down and stopped pulling. I realised the nape/ears were easier to pull out because with them being small.. you have the whole hair at the root.. aka easier to pull.