View Full Version : Combing through a hair transplant

04-15-2016, 05:37 AM
Hi guys,

It seems that even though the world is now online most people seeking hair transplants, and even those who have already had a transplant, still don't realize there are major differences in the quality of results offered from clinic to clinic.

I often get patients who visit with me to evaluate a procedure they have already had because they are not happy with that result. And I have come up with a quick method to determine if their poor results were due to their physiology or due to how the clinic performed the procedure. It's simple. I just comb through the hair and see if it looks natural when I part through the hair transplants with a comb.

If it doesn't, then I can safely assume that the clinic, for whatever reason, did not use the best methods possible or appropriate numbers of FU's given the patients loss. Maybe it's due to poor planning, maybe due to inexperience, or maybe some other reason altogether. The bottom line is that it's not done. Before I would ever recommend a doctor to anybody who comes to me for advice I make sure that when their hair transplants are combed through it looks natural.

Recently Dr. Feller and Dr. Bloxham, doctors I recommend and represent, posted a youtube video entitled "Parting With Hairloss" discussing the importance of using the "comb through" to evaluate the caliber of the clinic you plan to use. Their video is an excellent primer on the importance of this and what to actually look for and I highly recommend anyone seeking a hair transplant to include this short video in their research.