View Full Version : Nape of the Neck Balding --- This is a Thing? WTF?!?

04-14-2016, 01:34 PM
In my hell odyssey of researching MPB, I am seeing that the donor area is not just the back of the head, but rather a specific section of it, and apparently this is in part because the nape of your neck "balds." This make perfect sense to me unfortunately, because the nape of my neck has always been really ****ed up hairline wise. I am a hairy guy and I always attributed this to the fact that little hairs were all over my neck and it is hard to get a "clean" hairline at the neckline due to this. But I can see now that the nape of my neck is actually thinning and miniaturizing, just like my frontal hairline is doing. I usually use a clippers to cut my hair, so the back should all be one uniform length, but if I run my hand down the back of my head I can totally feel where the (thick, healthy) donor area drops off and the scraggly, ****ed up neckline/nape hairs begin.

Who else has experience with this and WTF now I'm going to need to transplant hair to my freaking neck as well? There just has to be a cure for this nonsense in the next few years! This shit is too ****ing devious and dark-sided and absurd to be allowed to wreck havoc on dude's lives unabated.