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04-14-2016, 02:44 AM
Forgive me for how long this list is, but this story is long and hard to follow. I really newd help. Alright my friends, here we are. I've finally decided to make my way onto a forum page and join in on the discussions rather than omnisciently try and relate to what every one is talking about.
I have a very peculiar case of what I've been told is telogen effluvium, AGA, self inflicted hair loss, and, nothing at all.
Look, it all started at the beginning of summer 2015. My hair, for whatever reason, develops these sort of orangey high light tones in the front that I normally cope with in the summer time. But I recently had started modeling and knew this would not fly, so I decided to be a little more proactive about it this time.
I went out and bought some box dye to possibly get rid of these tones. I had never dyed my hair before, and I've always had very very thick dark Native American hair. My father is nowhere near bald, and there isn't a trace of bald in my family aside from one of my uncles who started thinning a bit a few years ago at around age 50. I was 19 at the time (20 now). I digress, so I purchased the box dye(biggest:eek::eek: mistake of my life):( and dyed my virgin hair for forty minutes to the color I thought it should be. Unfortunately when it came out my hair looked a really weird color. Me, being the very vain person I am, freaked out and ran to the store and bought another box dye, after doing this with 5 more box dyes, my hair was red and starting to look like straw. I sought out professional help the next day, they BLEACHED, my hair, the. Dyed it pitch black. I was horrified, it looked like I was wearing a really bad wig.
I ran to the store and tried to dye my hair 3 more times. (Yes I know, what was I thinking)
In my head, I just kept telling myself, "girls do this kinda stuff all of the time? It's fine." Eventually my hair was a reddish brown and I have up because the dye was burning my scalp at this point every time.
I washed and conditioned it like a mad man, and it just felt like straw. It was unbelievable.
My thick beautiful, almost feminine hair, I couldn't even run my fingers through it.
I was a stress case, as I always am. I obsess over things to the point of serious anxiety, especially when it comes to my looks.
Anyways, a few days later, I got my hair cut pretty short because I figured I was going to grow it out, back to its normal color. It was fried, but I figured it would heal over a few months. Man oh man, did I start losing some hair. I was shedding so much hair. Close to 200 a day I'd say. It was everywhere. I had never seen hair loss before, ever. I'd never noticed it. And now it was completely covering my pillow and my shower was clogged. Next thing I knew I could see my scalp, I have never been able to even kinda see my scalp.
This continued for three or four months at a phenomenal rate. I became obsessed, drenching my head in coconut oil, holding my head upside down, supplementing biotin and fish oils. I was trying EVERYTHING. It just, kept, falling. Now it's been close to 9 months, and the hair loss has slowed, but? Now I still shed? In fact, now my hair appears to have taken on a male pattern baldness type of loss. I'm thinning in the crown, and the side I sleep on. I've grown my hair out quite a bit to cover it up. The hair I still do have is very thick, but falling out very slowly. I appear to have some new hairs growing on my hair-line, but my derm to me this was a sign of diffusing and mpb. I did not tell her this story, I just told her I started losing my hair. We ran a bunch of tests and nothing came up, no autoimmune diseases or deficiency. Just a low anti body count with a TrT of 1.4, so very low.
My hair loss is all over. It isn't just in one area. It is however more prevelant on the side of my head I sleep on. I lose most of my hair in the bed.
Now I'm losing not long hairs, but these small thick hairs. This means my anagen phase is really short, and my follicle is shrinking. I see these little hairs everywhere. My hair loss has become very noticeable to me, others say it's nothing, but I know what my head looked like before. It seems now that I can count the hairs on my damn head they are so spaced out.
I'm currently trying the inversion method and other natural remedies before I try anything else (I.e the big 3) because I don't know if my hair will eventually heal and I won't need that stuff. But it's been nine months, and I've seen no progress. Just seem to be slowly losing hair.
What should I do? Please, I'm begging anyone. I am killing myself stressing about this. And that's only worsening it. Does anyone have answers? Forgive me of my type-os. I am writing this on my iPhone, and it won't let me scroll back up for edits. I will evaluate my post later on a desktop.
Please. Please help. Have I permanently ruined my hair? Have I triggered early mpb by doing what I did?
I have a savings account I started for a hair transplant, please. Please tell me I can close that account. :(