View Full Version : Hairdressers/barbers london???

04-11-2016, 12:13 AM
Hi All,

So I haven't posted since I was first enquiring about recommendations for surgeons.

Fastforward a year and a half and I've had my procedure and absolutely over the moon with the results.

This now leads me to a new challenge. Which is that I've started a new job and moved to London and left my old hairdresser behind and I'm really struggling to find a hairdresser who has some experience of dealing with post FUE patients.

Anyone whose had a procedure will understand why this is a big deal. Obviously the grown hair is thinner and there are small gaps (normally covered by styling). For me the procedure was a very private thing I did and I'd really like to be introduced to a hairdresser who is discreet, and I dont have to explain what the FUE procedure is, and then answer all the other 101 questions that normally follow when someone hears about it for the first time, which all in all I'd find very uncomfortable.