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04-08-2016, 06:53 AM
Hi everyone,

I usually post on a different site which makes me a newbie here. I recently met up with the guy who runs the UK site to get his opinion on my result. He was impressed with my hair saying he would be happy with my result. As we chatted he said how much he liked this site and the radio show that goes with it, haven't had a chance to listen yet but I sure will.

Here's my story from a little over 12 months.

I arrived at La Quinta on Tuesday, it's a nice hotel with a friendly staff. The rooms are clean and tidy, overall very good value for your money. I walked over to SMG shortly after settling in to make sure I knew where I was going. It was only 5 minutes away. Went to Jimmy Johns for some food and then back to the hotel to relax.

Wednesday morning I was up at 5.30, showered and went for breakfast. I then read the forums for a short while before heading out to SMG. I was still anxious as I made my way there, I arrived at 7:25 and was greeted by Del for pre-op pictures. Then I met Dr. Josephitis to discuss the surgery and ask any questions I had. I asked a ton of them but Dr. Josephitis answered them all which reassured me. Since I'm starting on Propecia and Rogaine foam, we decided around 1300 grafts would suit my needs. I'm very happy with this plan of conserving my donor supply for future loss. We're hopeful that the meds will regrow some lost hairs and hold onto my native hairs.

Then it was time to get prepped for surgery. They were able to accommodate a military hair cut since I won't have much time off for work. The donor area will be shaved down without a guard. I rather liked my hair really short. I was numbed up by Dr. Joe and soon after he and Janna began extracting the grafts. They said the grafts were coming out beautifully and easily. I have to admit, I was surprised at how relaxed I was throughout the whole process. Dr. Joe and Janna were fun to talk to during the extractions. All the grafts were extracted by 11am and then the top of my head was numbed. Dr. Joe made all the incisions and then we broke for lunch. We ended up with 1324 grafts using a .8mm dull punch.

After lunch it was time to have my grafts to be implanted. I watched a movie while this was going on. Then before I knew it they were finished, it was a breeze. No pain whatsoever!. In hindsight I really had nothing to worry about. I took the shuttle back to the hotel and chilled out for the night.
Today I walked back to SMG to have my hair washed. Janna checked over my transplanted area making sure all the grafts were securely in, they were. I went over my post op instructions again and then said my goodbyes to all the staff. I can't believe how caring everyone is here, right down to Jennifer and Kelly at the front desk.

My experience has been exceptional, I'd like to say to anyone considering SMG that you won't be disappointed if my experience is anything to go by.
Thank you to everyone at SMG and the forums for all the information which helped me make an informed decision.

Fast forward to this present day. I'm very happy with my hair, everyone comments on how great it looks. Thank you again Dr. Josephitis for an awesome experience.