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04-05-2016, 07:20 PM
Has anyone had more then 7000 grafts (Over multiple transplants) done my Dr. Paul or Ron Shapiro? I have looked online but have only ran across small 2-4k procedure results. The reason I ask is because I recently had a consultation (Phone) with the clinic and I was told I would need about 2000 grafts, but im a norwood 4 which seems very small of a number, I was also told that on average they are only able to get about 6000 grafts from the donor area. These numbers seem very small compared to what I was told at HassonandWong. They had recommended 4k grafts for me and they have many patients who have had up to 8k grafts used from the donor. The problem is that I might not be able to travel outside of the United States due to reasons mentioned in my other post.

Im in my 20s and am headed for a norwwod 6-7, I need a really great plan for my hair loss now and future but I dont think 6k grafts is sufficient to get a good looking density ( I was hoping for 7.5k similar to Bobman http://www.*************/hair-loss/board_entry-id-14381.html). I also cant find any patients from Shapiro medical who have had multiple surgery resulting in a number higher then 6.2k gratfs.

I want the best possible results especially given the fact that this is permanent, theirs no going back and shaving my head after this because of the scar. I just feel very nervous and uncomfortable with all these surgeons here in the United States.