View Full Version : 15 receding and thinning hair!!

04-05-2016, 01:00 AM
Ok so i think i lost the hairline i had when i was younger at around 14, from that point on until now (15)my hairline has been in a c shape as you can see in the attached image. It makes my forehead look 10x bigger than it is. At the school gym there ar e lots of lights and a big mirror and when i look at the mirror I can see my scalp. Everyone says the hair gene comes from the mothers side but for me i think its from my dad, because my dad showdd me photos where his hair was really long but then when he was around 20 he was nearly completely bald. Is this MPB? I really ****ing hope not because i honestly couldn't imagine being bald as i dont think I've got the head shape for a bald loo, shit, not everyone can look like vin diesel.

I guess thats my story... atm im just going to go with it and if it reaches a point where it just doesn't suit I'll probably buzz it (i look terrible with short hair tho)