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04-03-2016, 08:22 AM
This post is especially for young guys 15-21 who is not able to cope up with hair loss.I am 18 years old and my life has been transformed,I was in extreme depression due to my hairloss,i wasnt able to focus on my studies,life was hell for me.I had suicidal tendencies,everyone who has gone through this phase can understand what i mean,especially those young lads who are battling with mpb from young age,If you have hairloss first consider that really you want hair or you want your life back,the happiness,the serenity and that confidence.If you want hair then go for hair loss medicines like minoxidil and finasteride(below 18 it is not advised).They in combination work well but there is one extra thing which i feel is required to get that confidence back.For that Psychiatry helped me,well many of us here are suffering from relatively common disorder called body Dysmorphic disorder

Yes i know its painful to lose your hair and its perfectly okay to be concerned about it.But to improve your condition,your standard of life,hair loss medicines are not that effective,they might stop your hair loss or slow it down but as what i felt they dont give confidence especially teenagers especially this post is for you who life me faced(or facing)who are constantly looking for a solution to get out of this shift.Consider Psychiatry,meet with a well qualified and experience psychiatrist he will recommend you medications and counselling
About a year ago i started the treatment now i am out of this shift,this post is for those poor teenagers who suffer from this shit from a young age.My life has transformed,please consider this option too.
i am currently prescribed by medicines
and i took about 7 hours of counselling and with sheer will and determination i aced my depression.Teenagers dont think that your life has end.These are the steps for you if you notice hair loss

1.If you notice thinning and it concerns you visit a well qualified dermatologist
2.If He diagnoses Mpb,it would be better if you accept it but if you cannot(most of the cases) consider medicines,i would strongly discourage you to take finasteride before 18,dont **** with your hormones right now.You can consider minoxidil 5% solution and ketaconazol shampoo.
3.If still these issues persist,if these medicines are not working as in my case and you are too much concerened,you are not able to focus well,you hate looking yourself into mirrors,you always notice forehead of people and in extreme condition considering suicide Then visit a well qualified Psychatrist you might be suffering from depression or Body dysmorphic Disorder.YOur life will change i gurantee you

For indians here and living in National Capital Region, You can consult
Dr.Sanjay Patnaik of Vimhans hospital,New Delhi for Depression(he saved my life)

If you want the best dermatologist
Dr.RK Joshi Apollo Hospital,jasola,new delhi

04-03-2016, 11:22 AM
Hello Aman825 !

I like this thread of yours!
I have been trying to help all others here with commonsense, but,
especially trying to help the YOUNG guys here (young women too).

Thanks for posting your age as here .
You went through a lot of unnecessary stress and depression but ,THANKFULLY, you accepted the professional help that was needed!

When I was in my teenage years, approximately 14 years old, I began to suffer from serious depression
as well.
My depression had NOTHING to do with my hair though. I didn't have hair issues then....
Thankfully I was able to 'step back' and reconsider what my life should be like and all about.
The most important thing to consider is HAPPINESS regardless of any imperfections in ones life.
Later on in my life, I began to realize that my hair was maturing and could possibly start to develop hairloss.
Again, I decided to 'step back' and not worry about that!
I wanted to always stay happy.

Now Aman825, when you get to be in your late 20s you WILL have so much more foresight and proper commonsense for your life.
What you are posting here is very GOOD for others,,and for YOU.
I would like to keep a conversation going on with you my friend.
Stay HAPPY!!

By the way, I am in my late 50s so I certainly do know what is most important in life.

04-03-2016, 11:38 AM
As helpful as this might be... this is not a cutting edge/future treatment.

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04-03-2016, 04:18 PM
18 years old, thank you for the life lesson.

I still prefer to get some hair.

See you in 2030 when that is a reality.

04-03-2016, 04:24 PM
Hi there Barfacan
We ALL would prefer to have a full head of hair but none of us should ALLOW hairloss to ruin our lives...
No need to

04-03-2016, 04:27 PM
Its the resulting discrimination that ruins lives / wrecks opportunities. Not my allowance.

04-03-2016, 08:20 PM
Friends our foremost priority is happiness not hair.Yes i want hair too in my future,i cant still imagine myself to be bald.But what you know is most important is acceptance.Consider the situation of a teenager,generally there hairloss is very aggressive.Minoxidil alone do not help in such cases,finasteride is risky before 18.Just imagine how hell life become.THe hair loss is that aggressive that when you look your hair in the mirror each weekend you find that some strands are missing.That sinking feeling! You will feel Demoralized in front of friends.You will lose confidence to approach girls.Many teenagers are not able to focus on studies,they most of the time think about hair or spend time on searching possible solution of hairloss.You know if untreated hairloss can destroy the happiness,serenity,career and many more prospects in life of a young man.Hence its important for them to understand first you need to get your life back.Over hair you dont have control.I dont know when the magic pill for hairloss will be invented.I have got my life back and now i have better goals in life,i think about my dream and goals not hair as such.I want hairs but i gained acceptance.I tried to accept it on my own but i wasnt.But with professional help i got my life back.THis post is for those who still didnt consider psychiatry and think that its waste of time e
It really helps and in the process of this you become more mature in life,you understand the struggles facing by people all over the world.

I am still happy that i had hairloss because it taught so many important stuffs in life!

04-03-2016, 08:26 PM
Artista you are even older than my father so i cant compare my experience with yours.I respect you for all the efforts and help you give to all the people suffering from hairloss.


Here is this post where you helped me,just see how much i matured in just a year of time.Have a look on this post those thinking suicide or in serious denial state of hairloss,this might give you new light in your dark sadness and denial.

04-03-2016, 09:18 PM
Hello Aman825... I do care about you my new friend!!
I want to continue our conversations together here!
Yes, I am so much older than you and also that you stated that I am older than your father as well.
Because of that I do have proper foresight that helps me to have a long happy life regardless of any issues.
At my age, I can look back at my life history and know what was wrong and what was right.
What was helpful for me when I was so young is that I had decided to except The realities of life based upon what older people had been offering which was commonsense information on life!
Back to you my young friend, I will talk with you as needed so that you can know how to keep yourself to stay happy and healthy!
I do want to help you as well as the other young guys around!

04-04-2016, 08:28 AM
To you Aman825 and everyone else, I am being honest and sincere with you.
None of us should ALLOW hair concerns (or anything else in life) to affect us in bad and negative ways. There is no reason to....(we all hate hairloss but..)
All things in life can be 'fixed' in one way or the other.
Acceptance and positive attitudes could and would do so much better in ones life.
If someone is suffering from serious depression, regardless as to way, then you must meet with a doctor/psychologist for that help.
Cheers everyone!!