View Full Version : Mature Hairline or Receding Hairline?

04-02-2016, 10:42 PM
I am 18 years old and am wondering if this is a mature hairline or receding hairline? I attached pictures below. Any input will be appreciated!

04-03-2016, 12:12 AM
man u have a mature hairline, and Ur hair looks great although it is wet or oily....don't take stress..

04-03-2016, 10:35 AM
I slicked it back in order to take the pictures, but thanks because I was kind of stressed about it being receding rather than a mature hairline.

04-03-2016, 02:22 PM
Is there a difference? If your hair was always like that then your not losing hair so there is no problem. If you had more hair before then who knows what could happen. Not many men regrow or gain more hair as they get older. Most of the time it tends to continue getting worse with age unless you do something about it which basically means minox or fin.

06-19-2016, 03:16 PM

Please offer me suggestions. Really anxious. Receding hairline or mature ?