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03-13-2010, 01:50 PM
Im 16 and a half years old, ive always had a big forehead but now im seeing more and more of it, my hairline has been receding for a couple years now although although i never seemed to notice it before.

i have started applying olive oil and massaging my head, taking biotin, saw palmetto and eating pumpkin seeds, wondering if these methods actually work ?

one of the biggest aspects of my life is weight training, when heard this could cause hair loss when i already have it in my genes this broke me

I dont know what to do now, or if any of the methods i am using work for real, does anybody know if they do/had success using them and is what i heard about weight training true ?


03-13-2010, 04:14 PM
I'm not a doctor, but I think most doctors will tell you that working out does not cause hairloss. Is every professional athlete bald? The weight lifting creates hair loss is hogwash. Some people may have noticed an increase in hair loss right as they started working out, and now they are convinced that it's the weights that are doing it.

If anything, I would encourage anyone with hairloss to hit the gym hard, because since our self-esteem takes such a big hit, we need every bit of help we can to keep ourselves happy with our appearance.

Most males do suffer hair-loss, the question is just when does it begin. Unfortunately for some of us, it happens real early.

If I were you I would get to a knowledgeable hair-doctor ASAP and get on finisteride (propecia) and monoxidil (rogaine). Age may be an issue, and remember to read into possible side effects of the drugs. It all depends on how important keeping your hair is to you.

03-13-2010, 04:37 PM
I am only familiar with MPB and if you are experiencing early signs of this then a good diet will not produce any significant prevention to this problem. Although it will have a positive effect on the quality of your hair,this never seemed productive to me as I was going to lose it soon after anyway. Weight training does elevate testosterone levels which is the cause to MPB so I stayed away from it when I was trying to deal with losing my hair in my teenage years. I dont know if this would have a significant effect on loss but I could imagine it accelerating the process slightly especially as you will be going through puberty. Go see a dermatologist so you can diagnose what type of hair loss you have then you can take appropriate action. You are very young though so it may be wise to avoid any medications for a couple years. Good luck

03-13-2010, 09:37 PM
some good advice has been given to you by thejack. Dnt jump on propecia over night and research everything properly. you are only 16 years old and if you are going through MPG already then there is nothing you will able to do to stop it. Dnt stop hitting the gym, even though i have a full had of hair after having a few HTS its the only thing that keeps me going on a day to day basis