View Full Version : Medical professional after 2 strip surgeries at Mega-chain, for frontal packing Dr.

Dr. Lindsey
03-30-2016, 08:19 AM
This fellow physician saw me a few years ago for consideration of a second case. He went back to the chain he'd been to before and remains un-satisfied with the density. Now he has thin wispy hairs, 2 pretty large scars that are not parallel, in his donor region, and after 2 cases of "sprinkling" hair around his recipient area, has limited hair to work with.

Nevertheless, we got 1500 grafts, and part of 2 scars out, and we trimmed and packed his hairline. Hopefully we'll see him back at the end of 2017 for final pics and possibly a final small case and scar reduction.

Shown are his results from previous work elsewhere, and how we trim and pack the front. We did PRFM and I'd expect that to help survival of his weaker hairs.

Additional pics to follow whenever he's in our area.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA