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03-26-2016, 09:20 AM
Hi all! I'm 3 days post op with dr Hakan doganay. I'll introduce myself first.
As many of you start out, I've been a spectator on this forum (and others) for a long time, but have joined today to share/gather info.

My story is nothing special. Started noticing I was going bald at age 18. This was such a shock to me at such a young age, I hadn't even reached my young adult years and I was already losing my hair! My youth was taken from me! Now aged 22, with it really becoming noticable (I was always able to cover it up with hairstyles) I was desperate for a change. I was embarrassed, and it had stopped me going out to social events (I'm a popular guy; was out all the time). Hair piece? Looked into it. Couldn't hack the thought of wearing one. Accept going bald? Was always the last option. But I wanted to change my fate and do something about this depressing situation many of us go through. Anyway, I'll cut to the chase.

After lots and lots of research, years of tips and tricks, what to do and what not to do, I gathered my only other option to have hair was a transplant. Trying to avoid going into too much detail here (!), but in the end I narrowed it down to dr Hakan doganay. His work was brilliant, natural hairlines and happy customers. What could go wrong?!

Fast forward to March 22nd 2016. I flew to turkey (I am from uk) on my own, which was always a bit scary, but was fine. So I landed in Antalya, I went through customs etc, and was told i would be met by 'Muslum', dr doganays right hand man. Instead, I was met a miserable looking bloke holding the ahd clinic sign. I think his name may have been ihmad? I'm not sure. But he was the driver. He didn't talk much, not a problem. I tried starting conversation many times but got ignored. Whatever. I'm not here for him! So I got dropped off at some shabby hotel (forgotten the name, will do some research if people want to know). I was confused as I was told over email I would be staying at the 'private hospital', so I got out, went to reception where nobody spoke English. I could make out just what they were intending to say, and went up to my room. The room was not nice, not dirty, but just not what I expected after I was told I'd be staying in some lush private hospital! The bed felt like a plank of wood and you could hear everyone talking from every other room. As I was given Muslums contact number, I messaged him asking why I was in this hotel rather than the hospital. "The hospital is full", was my reply. Not a problem but thanks for the heads up! So I tried to get comfortable, then noticed I had forgotten an adapter to charge my phone (not that I could use it anyway, the wifi was terrible and so was the signal). I went down to reception and asked in the best way possible where I could find an adapter/phone charger. He pointed down the road. So off I went! It was dark by now, and the streets were a bit dingy. Stray dogs and cats everywhere, people looking me up and down as I walked past. I'm a big guy so am not easily intimidated, but this was something else. Anyway after much commotion, I found an adapter and went back to my room. I just couldn't relax so text Muslum again. "Is there anywhere else I can stay? I am not happy here" I said, hating to be the moaning one but at the end of the day I am the paying customer! (Plus I wasn't even told about this place :confused:) he rung me and told me he would talk to his driver. He called again and said the driver would be with me in 20 mins, and i am now staying at the hospital. Why couldn't I stay there in the first place?! It was at this point I just had a bad feeling about the whole entire trip. But, I am a positive person, so tried to focus on the good! I arrived at the hospital, taken up to my room, whilst being stared out by possibly every person I walked past. :cool: whatever! I was never going to see them again! So I arrived at my room, it was okay, the tele had been unplugged and taken off the wall which was a bummer but I told myself I'd keep myself busy. At this time is was around 8:30pm. I was asked (I think) if I wanted dinner, and said yes. The wifi was a little better, was now able to contact family, girlfriend etc. It got to 10:30pm and I still hadn't received my dinner! So I went out and again tried to explain I hadn't received it. The two nurses seemed to just laugh at me (and to each other) but said dinner is coming in 5 minutes. By 11pm I finally got my dinner. Nothing special but It's free with the price (another reason I chose doganay). I was knackered by this time, and layed down to sleep. The nurses weren't helpful to me the whole trip at all. They seemed to literally just laugh, making me feel a little uncomfortable and didn't seem to want to help me at all. I was woken up at around 6am to have my blood taken by the nurse, and then fell back to sleep. My breakfast (one egg, a dry roll, 3 slices of cucumber and a slice of cheese) was bought to me at around 7am. I was still knackered so slept again, and was going to eat it when I woke up. I woke at 8:30am, to shower and get ready for my consultation with the dr at 9:30. Muslum came to my room and introduced himself, I tried to put yesterday's events behind me as I was focusing on the surgery and results! He took me over to the other side of the hospital, where I met a woman, and they sat me down and asked me questions. (History of mpb in family, my lifestyle, if I am on propecia etc). Then dr Hakan doganay arrived. He doesn't speak a word of English so Muslum translated for both of us. He asked what I wanted (a straighter hairline, to fix my nw2.5 and to make me happy again!) and I told him. He drew out a hairline which I was happy with, and we were all set for the surgery. I was taken to get my hair shaved, washed, and pictures taken. Then I was taken in for my first part, the extraction from the back of the head.

After reading a few other posts about dr hakans staff being 'untrained, dropping tools and swearing', I had asked in the email if dr Hakan could do my whole precedure. I was told no, as he would be too tired to do my inplantation at the front. As this was the most important part of the surgery, I accepted this would be the case. So the nurses worked away extracting the grafts. There was tutting and mumbling, and it felt as though the new guy was being trained doing my extraction. But I let them carry on. They are professionals after all :confused:!
This took about 2 hours, then I was taken to eat my lunch, then to go for the implantation with the dr. This went alot smoother, the injections were painful, but I clenched my jaw and got on with it. There was also 'huffing', and just a general atmosphere of the dr being annoyed at something. I don't mean to be picky with all the details, but in this situation I would prefer to feel at ease and comfortable, not having people tut and mumble (I can imagine swearing in Turkish)! But I kept thinking of the results.

He finished up, and I was given a mirror. My heart sunk. This was nothing like the hairline we had drawn out. It was 3/4 inch higher than what we had agreed on. I could even still see the felt tip further down my head! I was confused and asked what had happened. The nurse in the room at the time didn't speak English so didn't know what I was saying! Muslum finally came in after a while and I explained it to him. "It is just swollen" he said, "it looks worse than what it actually is". After clearly seeing the felt tip lower than my newly grafted hairline, I was skeptical and felt a little betrayed! But, it was not the worst hairline in the world so didn't beat myself up. It was just not what we agreed on! I was taken back to my room where Muslum told me to rest for 2 hours. There was literally nothing else to do and I was knackered, so I just stayed in my room for the rest of the night.

The next day, I was taken to have my hair washed for the first time, and told about post op meds etc. As I only had hand luggage (my fault), I couldn't take back the shampoos they provide as they were 200ml (you're only allowed 100ml max), but they gave me a list of things I should get instead. "Wash tomorrow and as soon as you get home", I was told. "Then wash twice a day using this stuff" etc. "Any questions you have, you have my number so whatsapp me anytime", Muslum said many times and lastly when he dropped me off at the airport. All cool. Happy. Won't go into detail about the flight home so fast forward to 25th March (yesterday).

The cream I got told to get, bepanthen, was so thick I physically couldn't get it out of my grafts where I was supposed to place it, 20 mins before washing it off with baby shampoo. My girlfriend literally spent 2 hours (no exaggeration!) trying to pat it off my head. We hadn't even put much on! It was just so thick. I messaged Muslum on whatsapp asking for advice. "It is fine mate you will get it out", I told him how long it had taken us! "Baby oil mate" was his reply, I gathered he meant use baby oil instead. As it was 11pm, I wasn't going to get it tonight! So this morning my gf went out and got some for me. Definately less thicker and easier to get off. But, and a big but. I was still confused. In all this confusion, I searched the ahd clinic website, and read the instructions they gave me several times to see what they said about washing, and how gentle you must be. By word, and on one part of their website, it says "days one two and three wash twice a day", etc. But on another part of their website, it says "don't wash for 2 days after the surgery". I was literally baffled, panicked a bit and messaged Muslum again. Blue tick. (Read it but not replied). I asked him another question. Blue tick again. I was panicking at this point that I'd done something wrong, maybe loosened the grafts or anything! So again I messaged him as he was literally ignoring me! 20 mins later with the cream still in my hair and me running around like a headless chicken, I went back onto whatsapp. Muslum has blocked me. Yes, literally read my messages and actually blocked me. I couldn't see his picture in the corner and I couldn't message him. Wtf?! So apart from this utter rudeness and unprofessionalism, I am still a little confused about washing my hair! I followed doctors orders, to then see they say something completely different on their website! I have proof of it all by the way, from the messages with Muslum to the website stating different wash times. Will post if people want proof.

Anyway rant over. Sorry for the massive essay! I am not usually one to moan believe it or not, but I was and am simply not happy with the ahd clinic, and how they've gone about everything. After seeing all the happy customers I thought I would be in the same boat, clearly not. Ah well here's to looking forward to my results. If anyone has any tips on anything, please share below, as not only have I been blocked, my emails aren't getting responded to either.
Thanks for reading.

03-26-2016, 12:05 PM
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