View Full Version : Male With Female-Pattern Hair loss. Anyone else experience this? Did Spiro Help?

03-25-2016, 04:58 AM
I began losing my hair at around 19. I got on the Big Three, and twenty years later, I still of a lot of hair. However, I am still losing it, and I was thinking about what alternative strategies I could use. Further, my hair loss is in the classic female pattern - loss on the crown, at the center of the scalp (along the part-line), and behind the hairline, but the hairline and temples maintain. I would call it "localized diffuse thinning," where the sides, back, and hairline are maintaining, but the crown and mid anterior scalp thins.

Anyone else have this hair loss pattern? I was thinking of trying Spiro, since that is often prescribed to women for their hair loss, though it is also used by men.