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03-24-2016, 07:28 PM
Hey guys, first time poster. I've been monitoring my hair and some forums for the last couple months now and I can't come to a conclusion if I may have MPB. I can say that my hairline is pretty good, compared to pictures 8 years ago seems pretty much the same. I'm worried about my crown.


I am 22 and unfortunately have no pictures of the top of my head from before to compare this too. I hope that this is just a case of low hair density, but I can't say for sure without getting a microscopic look. I don't shed excessively but I noticed that most of the hairs that do come off are visibly thinner than one I could pluck from my sides. I'm waiting to see my GP, hoping he can refer me to a hair specialist. I checked and no derms in my town check for miniaturization.

Please let me know what you think.

03-24-2016, 08:59 PM
tough to say but looks like its starting to thin in the crown

03-25-2016, 07:21 AM
Thanks for the response. I'm going to set up an appointment after the Easter weekend to see if I can get a real idea of what's going on. The uncertainty is half of what's bringing me down about all this. My hope is that I just have some vitamin deficiency and that it can all be reversed. Over the winter months I haven't been taking care of myself (poor diet, no exercise).

I'm going to ask my doctor about a hair miniaturization test and a hairdx test, GNX, have you (or anybody on this thread) had any experience with these two? I feel like these are really the only two sure ways (or at least closest to sure) of predicting future hair loss.

03-25-2016, 08:05 AM
I wudnt get too wrapped up in the Hairdx test or mini test cause it certainly isnt gonna conclusively tell u anything. its just an odds game. there are thousands of brothers around the world that have a full head of hair and do most of their life yet their brother is completely bald by the time he is 25 so its not proof of anything.

and u cant look at ur father or grand father as a definite gauge either cause im a NW5 and my father and grand father have a full head of hair. so there is nothing SURE ABOUT ANY OF THOSE TESTS.

there are so many variables that come into play and some of them are environmental and many are just unknown. look around the next time u go out in public and see that a great majority of men are either bald or going bald at a pretty young age.

look at autism. they really have no clue wat causes it or how to prevent it and the number of cases have gone up dramatically over the last couple decades and some swear its the drugs kids are given wen they are young to prevent diseases and others say its the shiit they put in cow milk or the steroids given to cattle to make them grow. no one really knows just as no one really knows who is gonna go bald and who isnt.

ur crown is starting to show and thats with a come over. if u cut ur hair really short it wud me much more evident but fortunately for you ur young and there are at least 25-30 great FUE HT surgeons available in Europe that are really good and really cheap compared to the rip-off artists here in the states and by the time u really need a HT the advancements will be far greater then they are today for sure.

03-26-2016, 12:16 PM
Looks like short hair, but no thinning at crown. You are way too young for it anyway.