View Full Version : Taking Dutasteride daily = no sense (!!!)

03-23-2016, 03:45 AM
Dear Community,

I asked my professor (biology) because of dutasteride. He said, that taking it daily would make no sense. It is known that Dutasteride has got a half time of 3 - 5 weeks.
So if we say it has a half-time of 3 weeks than (if we take Avodart .5mg):

K0 = 1
r = ? (we want to find out what rest is in our body after 1 day)
n = 21 (half-time of 3 Weeks)
Kn = 0.5
0.5 = 1⋅ r21 ⇒ ≈ 0.9675 = 96,75 % after 1 day

So after 1 day we have still 0,48mg Dutasteride in our body.

On one day we just loose 0,01625mg.

So it means after 7 days we have still about 0,35mg dutasteride in our body.

To take Dut every 7 days would be better than take it daily i think!

What do you think?

03-25-2016, 01:17 AM
Then why did the 6 month studies show 2.5 mg per day was more effective than .5 mg? You and your bio teacher should spend some time thinking of answering that one.

04-03-2016, 07:43 AM
Theoretically you do not need to take it everyday however, the misconception people have is that they can take one 0.5mg one or three days a week and it will have the same efficacy as taking once a day. This is false. The drug needs to build up in the system for it to reach its therapeutic efficacy which is somewhere around 18mg for Dutasteride. So in theory you can take seven 0.5mg caplets once a week on a Friday and it will have the same efficacy as taking one everyday. If you cut the dose do not expect the same results.