View Full Version : Propecia / Avodart - no Minox = Shedding?

03-22-2016, 05:02 AM
Dear User,

I have a little question.
I used minoxidil for about 4 years. I quitted minoxidil about 6-7 month ago, because of an allergic reaction. My head was often "red" and dry. At the same time, when I stopped using minoxidil, I started with Propecia daily. Minoxidil didnt help me soo much.

I started also today with Dutasteride 0,5mg/weekly.

I just wanted to know is: When I take a shower, I often see some hair loss, about 30 hairs/day.
But most of this hairs look very thinn.

Is this a Shedding of the Propecia? Does it mean that there will regrowth thick hairs?
Or is it the progress of loosing minoxidil hairs after 7 month now?