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03-22-2016, 12:35 AM
I started on Proscar (5 mg, cut in 4th) when I was about 22, and am now 26. My older brother, who did not take proscar, is now completely bald, where I still have most of my hair. Thus, I know it worked well on me. I now take about 1.5 every day (unfortunately, as I am low and waiting for my next order, I am only on 1.5 every other day 0_0). I also use Nix twice a week, also the only time I wash my hair.

Still, I think while Fin helped me to keep my hair, it is not helping me to grow new hair, and the natural shed that comes with daily life is now catching up. I had now wanted to get on minoxdil at all, because it seems like too much up keep; however, I think now my hair loss is getting to a stage where I cannot delay it much longer. When I use a bit of Toppik (love that stuff), my hair loss is less obvious. Also, I used to keep my hair cut shorter; now it is a bit longer, and I think that is making it look worse.

In addition to more scalp coming through, my hair is now harder to control, moves more in the wind, and falls down easier now.

Still, do you guys think it is time to get minoxdil? In addition to the upkeep, I am dreading the shed, but I know that is part of it. Do you guys think after this time, the proscar is starting to loss its effectiveness (I have read a lot on this and honestly do not know what to think). When is the threshold where minoxdil becomes worth it? Could I expect more hair than I currently have? Or is it not worth it for me yet? As Min grows hair, but doesn't keep it, would it be possible to use Min for lets say 6 months, while still on my Fin, and then quit the Min?

Some notes on the images:
"1.5 Month". (the second one I think) is me on Proscar after 1.5 months. The rest are all recent, including an above picture with it lose, a close up

03-22-2016, 09:48 PM
Okay, no responses yet, so maybe my questions are too vague? How about this.

1. Should I start Min?
2. If not, when do you think is the "red line" that must be crossed for Min to be used.
3. Can I expect to gain more hair than I do now with Min, after losing a great deal to the shed?
4. Is Min really a life long thing? Could I get the hair I wanted, then quit the Min and stay on the Fin?
5. What Norwood am I?
6. Any general thought on my pictures?

P.S. I know that as 26, my hair loss still isn't as bad as some people, even younger than me, on this forum. I got on Fin at 22 after a long debate, and I am happy I did. So, I hope my post doesn't come across as another "ugh, another guy who isn't even bald" post. I am balding, it sucks, and unfortunately, I cannot pass a mirror without looking at my hair


03-23-2016, 08:47 AM
Im here now Mud' -Hi!

You could possibly be a NW-1 but your hair DOES look GOOD bro!
There would be no problem with you start on Minoxidil.
Of course the standards for Minoxidil usage is to take it twice a day.
Mornings and evenings. (it is what it is)
(its best to read the Minoxidil paperwork that comes with it,Ive been using Rogaine)
It will more than likely improve your hair Mudkipper...
I have 2 older brothers, my oldest bro'(63) has major hairloss, maybe a NW 5+, and my second oldest bro' NEVER has had major hairloss.
He is 60 now and he PRIVATELY did mention to me that he is experiencing very minor hairloss now,,
but no one notices it because it is so minor.

Back to you bro-
Now that you are 26 years old, you will start to have very good foresight, the ability to predict the consequences of your own actions.
So of course, you cannot ALLOW yourself to become worried and stressed out over anything in life...especially when it comes to your hair issues.
There would be no reason to become emotional about any of that. (not saying that you are)
Stress can and would cause more problems to your hair as well as to your health.
Have a good day bro!