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03-21-2016, 04:00 PM
Guys hi there i really need advice hope someone can give it to me. Back when i saw 19 (i am almost 25 now) i used some anabolic stuff. Although i didnt experianced any hair loss, i messed my hormones badly and about year later i started losing some hair and developing acne- i also had acne while on steroids. I used to do a simple test back than to check my hair loss- i was rubbing my hair for like half a minute on the top of white piece of paper to see how many hairs will i see, since my hair was short and i could not see anything in the shower. I did the test few times and i was seeing like 20-24 hairs falling, all the lenght of my hair. I didn't know how normal that is, but my hair seems to thinned on the sides, although i have naturally thin hair and m shaped hairline since birth. Anyways this period ended, my acne cleard, hormones kinda normalized although i have low testosreone ever since, i let my hair grow longer to make the thinning invisible. I forgot about my hairloss. Five years passed and i decidet to buzz my hair short again. Although at first it seem the same, i belive there is slight more thinning on the right side, but it may be my imagination.A week ago i decided to restart the test with the paper- what i see now is like 5-8 hairs falling, but a lot shorter than my normal lenght- like one third. I almost dont see any longer hairs, very rarely there is one or two in the pillow. Not a single one on my keyboard- i used to see a few five years ago. So the way i see it the thinning i had back then was either some type of maturing hairline or was caused by the steroids, although i belive the thinning happend an year later than the time i used them. My mother's side family members have only thinnings, while there is some hair problems in my father's side. No one earlyer than 30s though. I was just planning to start low dose finasteride when i found a few claims that it can actually cause hyperandrogenicity or some type of reflectory androgenism, which can both worsen the hair and cause acne. Now acne almost caused me my job back than so i really fear it happening. My question is if i dont see any hairs falling when i do the test, does that mean that at this point there isn't any progressive hairloss, or you may still keep losing hair although not seeing much hairs falling. My hair is defenetly thinner on the sides but again, it haven't progress tha last like 3-4 years. Any suggestions what to do. I used some nizoral shampoo back in the days when i was losing the hair but i dont know if it helped. Thanks in advance and pardon bad english :)