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03-20-2016, 12:06 AM

I m at 8 months and i can see small dots or tiny circles at each roots it is the same where the slit have been made they were bigger at the time of the trasplant but now they look like tiny circles ( less than 1 mm) You cannot notice them only under harsh light or if you look closely,

I asked my doctor he told me there is nothing and everthing normal and those are hair transplant root and they look like this not like the normal hair, he shocked me by this, before surgery they told me it is small needle will not leave appreciable trace and now the dots are normal.

Always it is related to expectations, no body told me i should expect my skin will not look normal anymore in receipient area, i expect to have scars on donor area but not in front.

I want to cut my hair short but i couldnot due to that also under harsh light they look shiny and give my scalp a dirty look

Is this normal ? What can i do ? Can laser resurfacing or anything can help me with that

Seriously, they are smaller than acne level so they should go away ?

Can the skin back smooth again ?

03-20-2016, 06:34 AM
Hi Sam,

I appreciate it might be tricky however can you upload some pics so we can see what you are referring to ?


03-20-2016, 08:43 AM
It is really tricky

When i read i see same characteristic of cobblstoning but when i pass my finger on my scalp it is not smooth but not rough also you feel it is the hair roots

But the appearance on the mirror if you look closely raised small tiny skin and they are so many so they look like pin points on the whole transplanted area.
They are hard to catch by pictures as there is hair now but if i shaved definetly they will look ugly

Look closely to the pic under the hair you will see like small pin points shin under the hair. I think those are scars or small cobblstonning

I cannot tell and i do not know how i can remove them

06-27-2016, 06:02 AM
Hello Sam.
Your doctor says these "dots" are not any damage on your skin, it's simply the hair roots and I have to agree with him.
I'm so sure because I've also had a transplant last year which did not yield a good result and my wish is just like yours to have everything undone so I could go bald gracefully.
The reason it looks like "dots" is that with transplants more than one hair comes out of the exact same hole which makes the first millimeter look strangely thick.
The way I'm dealing with this problem for now( 8 months post op and skin still slightly red) is to shave the hairline with electric razor 2 times a day + picking out the most obvious "dots" (hairs) with a tweezer. When the skin has healed fully, as I hope it will, I intend to tweeze most of the transplanted looking hairs out once every week/fortnight and keep the rest of the hair buzzed.
This procedure is only recommendable for people with straight hair. With curled hair, the likeliness for ingrown hairs are probably to high to make it a good solution. It's hard to tell from the pictures, but is your hair straight och curly?
If anyone would use this approach, remember to open the pores with a hot shower, clean the skin, pick the hair gently by pulling them in their growing direction slowly and one by one. Finish with cold water.

06-28-2016, 11:10 AM
My hair is not straight or curly it is something in between

I wish if i can do the same, unfortunate i have ridging aling the hairline which i do not know how i can remove it
Also my head became inflammed each time i go out, i m suffering pain everyday

And i m tired fron this, i hate my life becuase of this surgery

I m looking to any solution to remove it

I m considering now do an Fue punch out if it will help to remove the hair and get back the skin to its orignal status i will do it
For scars i will deal with them later by laser or any other method

But at least i want to feel normal, without any pain or burning sensation