View Full Version : 21 and shedding alot [ Not on any treatment (DPA) ]

03-19-2016, 01:57 PM
hey guys , so as the title says am diffuse thinner and am shedding alot of hairs from all over the scalp +80 hairs daily even though am not on any treatment what is going on ???
I'm freaking out idk why am loosing tht amount of hairs?
any ideas would be appreciated :)

03-19-2016, 08:45 PM
Get on Propecia, and you might save yourself a world of hurt and depression. Serious.

03-20-2016, 12:34 PM
Ya get on fin asap if you wanna keep your hair. Most people wish they got on fin sooner.

03-20-2016, 04:40 PM
why u guys r so sure about this treatment (fin) its already proven tht it does have alot bad sides tht will rape ur body *smh* anyway... am not planning to start fin currently(btw i used minox back in then for a year and had bad sides from it with no improvement and i stopped it .) but i wanna know why am shedding this huge amount of hairs , i thought the shedding comes when u r on treatment am not using any and already loosing alot of hairs ???

03-20-2016, 06:39 PM
Youre shedding cause youre going bald...

04-05-2016, 06:15 PM
i shredded right after quitting minox in 2 or 3 months which was in the mid of march last year since then till now i keep shedding and hair density got rapped(the shedding is less these days) , before it i had full density with no issues

04-13-2016, 12:34 PM
bump for more opinions
btw the hair is coming off very easily with no effort it just like am trying to style it back with my fingers and the hair sticks between them or even when i play with my hair it just fall like that also the hair from my legs is in the same situation , it might sound wierd but my pubic hair also got thinned out.