View Full Version : Good Idea to Start Finasteride after Saw Palmetto Results

03-17-2016, 02:52 PM
Hey Everyone,

Here's my history.
- I am a 30 y/o male.
- I think I'm at a NW 1.5 and
- Started noticing some hair loss around my temples from about the age of 20, so overall the hair loss has been going quite slowly.
- The only hair loss is from a receding hairline and from the temple regions. However, lately I've been getting more uncomfortable as I can see my hairline getting less dense, with a few strong survivors that may be out a low by themselves.
- Relatively healthy fit guy with no major medical problems- play basketball at least twice a week, 5'9" 142 lbs.

I've also been on Saw Palmetto daily for about 1.25 years, and for the last few months on a standardized extract. Eventually I stopped when I realized that was the cause of my constant and subtle nausea. I can't say conclusively whether the Saw Palmetto has helped my hair, wasn't obviously worse or better. I also realized when I was on Saw Palmetto that my facial hair started growing quicker. I also realized that it had the opposite effect on my prostate; it seemed more closed off, including being more sensitive to peeing at night and peeing in smaller volumes when I felt I had to go. Perhaps my body has overcompensated for lowered DHT and so I would experience huge spikes of DHT if I were to say skip a day of taking the Saw Palmetto?

I just got a prescription for Propecia 1mg yesterday, and am wondering if I should pull the trigger. What worries me is that since Saw Palmetto theoretically has similar action, would I expect the same results? Since it seems like Saw Palmetto had more of an opposite effect, should I expect the same with Finasteride? I actually mentioned this to my dermatologist who prescribed this and he didn't seem too concerned. Second, is there a prostate cancer (masking) risk? I suppose I'm still too young for that, and I wouldn't even get my levels checked anyways.