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03-16-2016, 09:22 AM
Hi everyone,

First time poster longtime lurker. 25y/o male just wanted to share my experience/results 7 months post op. I posted my experience on another site but I thought it couldn't hurt share with you guys.

Began losing my hair at 18 years old and didn't really do anything about it until age 22 where I started Minoxidil foam. I used Minox for several months and didn't see any changes in my hair's appearance so I dropped it. In April 2015, I started finasteride (~1.25mg/day) and have been on it since. At this point, I'm not sure if it has worked or not but I'm not seeing a scary amount of hair falling out in the shower or on my pillow every morning. I am considering switching to dutasteride since I'm seeing some miniaturization in my temples and nape of my neck.

I decided to make the jump and get a HT after seeing so many of you were getting great results. I decided to go with Dr. Panine since he was one of the recommended HT doctors in my area and because traveling to his clinic was more convenient for me as his clinic was only 15 minutes away from my medical school(I'm a med student).

For the consultation, I met with Stuart, Dr. Panine's surgical coordinator, and he educated me on everything I needed to know about what my options were, FUE vs FUT, my donor availability(was told my donor area was good), and costs. I got to meet Dr. Panine during the consultation and he drew up where the grafts would be placed in my recipient area. He suggested my HT surgery focuses on the frontal 1/3 and a 2nd surgery would be needed for the remaining area on top and crown.

Surgery - 6/28/15
Arrived around 9:30am and the surgery began around 10am. I got to watch some TV while Dr. Panine and his assistant were working and before I knew it, the donor grafts(3944 of them) were out and prepped. The surgery overall was more or less painless thanks to the anesthesia. I fell asleep after lunch which was provided and woke up near the end of the surgery at....2am the next day! After the surgery was over, Stuart and my aunt(was staying at her place since she lives 10 mins away) helped me to the car. I came back a couple days later for a quick check up and was told everything look great. I had some swelling in my forehead and around my eyes but I was told that this is normal and it did go away soon. I came back 2 weeks later to get my stitches removed and was told to come back 3 months later for a follow up.

3,944 grafts - 2,162 single hair grafts, 1,547 double hair grafts and 235 triple hair grafts

Currently 7 months in and hoping for more growth and thickening particularly in the posterior 50% of the frontal 1/3rd, given the amount of grafts that were used. Let me know what you guys think so far. Thanks!

photo 001/009 = pre op
photo 019/020/022 = post op
photo 032/033/035 = 3 months post op
photo 036 = 7 months post op