View Full Version : Is finastride generally considered an accepted and go to hairloss treatment?

03-14-2016, 01:03 PM
Well after reading thoroughly about the medication; I am still a little unsure if I want to take it or not, and would like to sort of get an even vague or at best idea of what the general perception of finastride is in the medical industry and the hair loss community as well. I know it's fairly well KNOWN about, but what is it that is thought about it as well? is it very 'highly' regarded? etc

I just want to make sure I don't miss anything. Thanks :)

03-14-2016, 11:58 PM
Absolutely. I have seen some people lucky enough to get great results with minoxidil alone, but those people are just very lucky, and I mean results like considerable regrowth. Generally you want to use both finasteride and minoxidil. Trust me i've used one or the other, and i've used both as well, and you give your self a much better fighting chance with both. However, minoxidil stopped my mpb right on its tracks by itself, which is why I felt I should add fin again because I felt that if minoxidil can do that by itself then both would maybe do a little something more like regrowth or thicken the existing miniaturized hairs that can still be saved if you use both fin and minox.

You read so much about these drugs like RU, CB, bitamwhatever it's called, but none of them are out, it's been years. Honestly the way I think of it is that they are not even good enough, that's why they're not out, Because companies deem them unworthy. Someone correct me if i'm wrong. So yeah, finasteride is still one of the go to hair loss drugs. In "War" terms, fittingly enough because this is a battle against MPB the hair terrorist, finasteride are the US Marines of hair loss drugs, they are the first one's the US Military sends in to take control of the situation, and then they send the US Army. Nizoral is like the Air Force and Navy. Utilize your whole military.

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03-17-2016, 09:38 PM
I saw a derm about 7 or 8 years ago. He said he had tons of guys currently on it. He said it was very safe from what he saw. He prescribes the stuff daily and talks to patients year round. That is the truth I would believe over random people, and the studies match up to that. Could someone have abnormal issues with it or bad reactions/problems? Anything can happen, but its the only real treatment that exists. So propecia has been in real world use for what 25 years by now? That is a very long time to collect real world data. Those are the choices.