View Full Version : Finasteride 1mg since May 2015

03-10-2016, 10:10 AM
I decided to finally join the BTT forums and post a thread.

I first noticed my hair line receding approximately two years ago at age 24. MPB runs in both sides of my family. I did some research and was directed towards minoxidil and propecia/finasteride. I was apprehensive to start either treatment (negative side effects) and eventually decided to jump the gun and start finasteride 1mg prescribed by my dermatologist. I initially decided to do this as a preventative and to preserve what I currently have. Of course the possible side effects scared the living crap out of me but I figured I'd cross that bridge when I get there. I can say that I had a slight decrease in libido, approximately 20%. I guess it depends on the sexual nature of each individual. No erectile issues. Have been in a relationship since before I went on finasteride 1mg/day and have had a consistent 2/week sex life (apologize for the TMI). I did notice shedding if I ran my hands through my hair and while shampooing. My hair was always on the thicker side and have noticed my hair properties being on the thinner side since starting fin. Being 10 months in on the medication, I still have days where I doubt myself and other days I push to keep going. I decided to keep using the medication until my crown goes. Currently having thoughts that finasteride has taken away my thick hair properties. But I think I would regret never attempting finasteride if I went through MPB anyways. Bottomline, We will never know how our MPB will progress or digress with or without trying finasteride/propecia. I see more negative threads on his site than good. I can't speak too negatively on finasteride quite yet. If my crown begins to disappear, I will know that finasteride wasn't for me. If anyone has any experiences of using finasteride as a preventative rather than trying to regrow hair, I would like to hear your story. Good luck to everyone.