View Full Version : Alias, have you looked into Kerastem?

03-06-2016, 02:59 PM
Alias you tried having adipose derived stem cells injected and that did not work. I know that disappointed you and turns you off from stem cells for hair loss but did you know that stem cells injected by themselves migrate out of the area that they're injected into rapidly after they're injected?

There's a new treatment now where they do use ADSCs but they are put inside of something called PUREGRAFT which is actually a layer of fat that is designed for long-term retention. In other words, in this treatment not only would you get more actual fat put into your scalp but you would also get the ADSCs also put into your scalp, and both the fat and the ADSCs would be put into your scalp in a form that would facilitate long-term retention in the targeted area - the skin of your scalp.

This treatment looks totally different than simply having ADSCs injected into your skin.