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03-04-2016, 05:28 PM
Hello everyone I can't really find much info on my specific problem besides one extremely common thing called a receding hairline.
Hair has been my entire life I had/have thick very curly hair. Like my entire life. With chicks,playing guitar oh god guitar... Anyway it all started when I used to straighten my hair that was about down to my chest. I would do it a thousand times a day with no heat protectant. For 5 years it did not grow even a centimeter cause I had split ends about an inch above my roots. It was SEVERELY damaged. I had heard about after around the 5 year mark it could cause permanent damage but I could not cut my hair! It is my gravity holding me down to the earth. My joy and sick ego booster. Who and what am I with out my curls.
It started receding after 5 years. In about 4 months it was a 3 X 3 inch receding hairline. My world shattered when I cut it lol. But I did 4 years ago and since then it hasn't receded at all or caused any loss and it's back down to a little past my shoulders which I was pretty sure it wouldn't get worse but obviously that's great.
The thing that really gets me is it obviously looks awkward and noticeable cause there's a lack of hair in the front on both temples and I try to hide it with the thickness I have some illusion techniques but if the wind blows or anything I'm screwed. I think about it all day long. I get sick playing guitar now. Whenever I watch tv I'm always looking at people's hair or when I see them on the street mostly guys I get sick to my stomach.
Because of my ignorance and fear of short hair I caused permanent damage where if I had just cut it months before this would have never happened. No dr's understand it they go to the usual does it run in your family. I say no then the oh well it still happens I explain the heat damaged hair and how the receding or receded hair
One progressed extremely fast and immediately stopped 4 years ago when I cut my hair meaning it was not natural but I guess no guy would straighten his hair obsessively throughout a day and get this. Soo yea.. I can't get over how this isn't natural(well I mean I might have as my ticker was winding down but I'm 25 right now). I've done a lot of research and technically it seems nothing really works for a receding hairline. Everyone talks about propecia will save growth but that doesn't seem to apply to me, or rogaine won't work on temples but sometimes does for people. Than there's that RU a bunch of numbers thing which no one really knows about but they put it on their head anyway. And then there's a hair transplant I can barely afford a anything as I'm not independent and have trouble existing outside these psychical walls
Would it be safe to use say rogaine for me? Just to see what there might be to see? I mean it's been 4 years nothing has grown on the temples it's just bald..it's permanent. It might not sound like a big deal but I already have severe social anxiety and another object for an excessive form of self-consciousness is just awful I hate checking every second in the mirror. And just thinking about it while watching tv or looking at my guitar. I feel sick already from typing this I don't even know hmm. Going back in time would be nice wouldn't it. Thanks for letting me introduce myself with this long,incoherent mix of sadness and self resentment. Much compassion - me

WHTC Clinic
03-04-2016, 05:55 PM
As you age, you will experience recession on the hairline. Your temples might recede too. Surgery and medical therapy involve commitment.

03-04-2016, 06:17 PM
Yea this whole thing is making me depersonalized right now with an epic panic attack. Nothing new though. I try to avoid the hair thoughts but it's inevitable. But yea it and everything else on my body is rotting and decaying, I can't imagine anything being fair or decent. Seems there is a difference between pessimism and realism.