View Full Version : How does a standard shedding look like?

03-08-2010, 06:24 AM
Hi guys,
Im new in this forum, first i hope you will forgive my english but im not a native speaker.
I had a FUE session of 3100 grafts one month ago and my concern is regarding the shedding. I was advise many times that almost all transplanted hair will shed but im starting to worry about the way im observing it is shedding:
The shedding process started about the 15th day after the surgery and it continues till now (which is normal as far as i know) but the way is falling down it is different the way the non transplanted hair does because first i see how they bend on themselves and lay down on the scalp without being separated from the root site and days after they finally separate from their places in the scalp. On top of that, once they have eventually fallen down if i have a closer look to them i can see in many of them a small black flexible part at the end, something similar as when you pull a hair with a tweezers. There are also a small porcentaje of them that after shedding are leaving a black points on the scalp...
Have anybody noticed something similar?, could this be considered as a standard shedding?, is this small flexible part at the end of the hair (which has the same colour than it, and about one or two milimiters length) belongs to the growth cell or this growth cell is well safe under the scalp?.
Well, I hope somebody could throw some light.
Thanks in advance and wish you the best possible regrowth to all.

03-08-2010, 12:10 PM
Who did your surgery? 3100 FUEs is a huge session!