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02-28-2016, 01:38 PM
Hey guys, some background..im 42 years old and i had a 1500 graft strip procedure on my hairline by dr a in india about 8 years ago...i was happy with the results but have since lost density in the frontal 1/3rd and id like to get about 2000 fue grafts to bring back a decent density so i can better style my hair and no longer need toppic...its my eventual goal to have a scar revision on my first strip procedure so i definitely want this next procedure to be an fue....i thought i would have to return to india because of a limited budget but i recently came into some extra money so im looking now at the possibility of having it done in the states...specifically in or near the NYC area (i live in manhattan)..i would love feller to do it but i have max 10,000 dollars and based on his prices, i would only get 1000 fue grafts and i definitely need closer to 2000....so im basically posting here to see if you guys could possibly recommend a good dr who could offer 2000 fue for 10,000 dollars? Ideally close to nyc.....im ready now and have the cash now so i was thinking maybe you guys knew of any tricks to get a better deal? Such as filling a cancellation slot of something like that....thanks and i look forward to hearing your suggestions

02-28-2016, 08:31 PM
Wow no response????...i can only assume the reason no one responded was because 2000 fue @ $10,000 is not possible with any repuduble dr in the United States? ....Thats unfortunate. ...i understand that most of the drs i have found here and elsewhere , who i was interested in advertise prices between 6 and 10 an FUE graft, i was thinking that because i live in NYC and can be very flexible in terms of scheduling , i was wondering if perhaps a slight discount could not be gotten by being placed on a cancellation list perhaps? Or maybe by agreeing to use photos for advertising purposes? Or because i can pay the entire fee in cash??..?..something!!!anything!!...do reps for certain Drs or the Drs themselves not post here???if so , if you are in or near nyc and feel you can help me with my $10,000 budget, please contact me asap....like I said, i have the cash, im ready, im flexible and i can do the surgery tomorrow if i need to... as a matter of fact its my desire to get this done asap as i would love to try and salvage at least some of the summer with some hair....if for some reason you guys feel my goal on my budget is just impossible domestically and im wasting my time even asking or looking here, then by all means please let me know as i will then proceed with plan A and schedule a second procedure with dr A in India. ..thank you so much guys!!!!

03-01-2016, 10:23 AM
You're not going to show any new growth in time for Summer, because that's only 4 to 6 months away. You haven't even scheduled a surgery yet.

If you're in a hurry to do something quickly, you are more prone to making a bad decision.