View Full Version : My plan for hair loss. Anyone feel the same?

02-27-2016, 04:02 PM
I'm a 24 year old male and just realized I am starting to loose my hair. My hairline is still normal but I realized I am thinning in the scalp area slightly (starting to be able to see through but not to bad). And I got the family history for male pattern baldness so I kinda of knew it was a matter of time. My dad has full head but the males on my moms side all bald. But I feel ok with it and decided I am going to let nature take its course and just shave the dome when it gets bad. My reason for this is because I feel some people let it consume thier lives and I don't want the headache. Anybody feel the same? I also feel if your a good looking dude. Hair or no hair will not change that.

02-27-2016, 04:09 PM
I feel it's all how you go about dealing with it? Does anyone on here wish they just shaved the head instead of fighting it? I don't think bald is that bad of a look. Definently if your a fit dude, being tan seems to help as well, and a beard. Question, I know I got moles and a birthmark on my heAd. Is thier ways you can get them removed with minimal scarring? Or ways you can conceal them? Just thinking ahead, and that is one thing I am concerned with when I do go completly bald. Anybody else have the mole/birthmark issue with thier head?

03-11-2016, 02:49 PM
This is definitely a healthier approach than some people have here.

People who obsess about balding act like its the worst thing in the world but 1) It's not even close to the most important thing in terms of physical attractiveness. Height, facial symmetry, body shape are all far more important. If you have an ugly face you're going to be ugly no matter how nice your hair is. If you have a good looking face, you might look a little better with hair but you're still going to be good looking. 2) Looks are far from the most important thing women look for in men. Most guys don't get women because of their looks. How successful you are, how outgoing, how talented, how fun you are to be around, how well liked and respected you are all play a much larger role.

I feel like the people who obsess and get depressed over hair loss are the kind of people who are probably already unhappy with their lives, and decide to blame that for all their problems because its easier than to face the fact that their bad attitude is harming their life far more than their baldness is.

Psychologically it comes down to control. People who feel helpless in their lives (don't have the job they want, the friends they want, the girl they want, the life they want) are much more likely to get distressed over things they can't control like hair loss. That's why you'll see people waste years and tens of thousands of dollars on treatments and hair transplants far past the point of it actually improving their appearance. If those guys spent a fraction of the time, money and effort on working out and on productive/fulfilling skills and hobbies they'd be far more attractive and happy than they are clinging on to the last scraps of their hair. For some reason though some people are susceptible to obsessing over one thing and thinking that's the cause/solution to all their problems even though life is clearly far more complex than that.

People who think hair treatment is somehow going to fix their lives should read posts like this (https://www.baldtruthtalk.com/threads/22747-The-hairloss-continues-%28after-5000-grafts%29.), and realize that there is no external solution to an internal problem.

If you're 24 and have only just started thinning then you can probably make it to late twenties/early thirties before having to shave it off completely. Before then a close buzz-cut will serve you well (either No.1 guard or bare blade). If its only just noticeable in certain light you can probably get away for a year or two with regular length hair but I'd recommend a buzz cut anyway since it gets you comfortable not basing your self-image on your hair, and you rid yourself wasting effort on worrying about when to buzz it down. It's also way less maintenance, and you don't ever have to worry about your hair getting messed up or looking bad.

I feel a lot better since I started buzzing my hair. All I use at the moment is Nizoral once a week, partly because it helps dandruff (which is more noticeable with buzzed hair) and partly because it might give me a little longer before I have to shave completely, and since I'm going to use a shampoo anyway so why not use one that helps two problems at once.

You can get moles and birthmarks removed pretty cheaply now. Depends on how big the birthmark/moles are but small moles can usually be fixed with a barely noticeable scar. Larger moles/birthmarks will leave more of a scar once removed, but generally the results are still cosmetically beneficial (https://www.google.com/search?q=birthmark+removal+scar). If you're prone to moles though its very important to either use sunscreen or wear a hat in bright sunlight to avoid new moles from forming, especially since they present a cancer risk.

03-11-2016, 03:28 PM
No sorry, I can't understand that approach but you are happy if it is real. For me hair isn't a matter of good-look, it's a matter of identity. Without hair I would be no more myself as it's absolutely against my esthetical values. I am nw2 now with some thinning in the midscalp (not visible with my hairstyle). I know that in a 3-5 years HT will be necessary. I have still hopes that then at least one of the new treatments will be available in order to avoid messing with my hormones with fin. Otherwise I will choose hair piece and wating for the cure. My plan is simple: be myself against that hideous condition and focus on the career. However for me it's really destructive, but that autodestruction is a sacrfice of being loyal to my personality. All the best for you!

03-11-2016, 04:07 PM
Maybe you could try basing your personality on permanent character traits like kindness, creativity, honesty,etc instead of something temporary and superficial like hair. That way you can be loyal to your personality without feeling like a natural and inevitable change in your physical appearance is destroying who you are.

03-12-2016, 03:42 AM
I also feel if your a good looking dude. Hair or no hair will not change that.

Hahah, right. Good luck, buddy.