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02-27-2016, 02:24 PM
Hey guys hows it going? so ive been following this forum on and off for quite some time now ever since i started losing my hair(which was at the age off 22) and have learned a great deal about hair transplants and the whole procedure because of your contribution to this forum. Now i know that we're supposed to have 'realistic expectations' about it and that the transplanted hair can never be as thick as they were before but this certain case about this guy just continues to baffle me. The attached pictures are of Indian celebrity(read superstar) Salman Khan. Now this guy has had a hair transplant is no secret(though he has never gone on record to admit it),in fact he has had two! The first one wasn't so good(the left pic in first image and the second pic) so he went for another one supposedly in Dubai(rest pics are of the recent job) and man the thickness and density is amazing,mind boggling to be precise. So the reason im here is to ask all of you all how is this result possible? did he go for two or more sittings,does he use some kind of an illusion spray or something in addition to this etc...the guy's very tight lipped about it and goes to great lengths(him and his PR) to ensure that no one gets to know any information about his procedure so that leaves us with only speculating and guessing about it and i thought thats where all of y'alls expertise might come into play.
All that is public is that he got it done from an American doctor who flew to Dubai and that in addition to his own hair,he's got synthetic ones as well(or all are synthetic,something like this).
The reason i want to know is cause i want to get the same results like his when i go for a hair transplant in the future.
P.S. The last two pics are from when he was in his early or mid twenties(he is 50 now) i.e. before any apparent balding or hair loss started.

02-27-2016, 02:55 PM
It appears that he barely needed any work done. Just in the very frontal hairline. You're marveling over his natural, original hair, and asking "how is that possible from surgery?" It's not from surgery.

02-27-2016, 04:32 PM
His loss wasn't even that bad, with dense packing that can be possible with the right surgeon. Dense packing is pointless though if you haven't stabilized further loss