View Full Version : Dr. Dauer- FUE HT to Crown

Marc Dauer, MD
02-23-2016, 03:15 PM

Here is a patient of mine who received 763 grafts via FUE to the crown.

The grafts were extracted by me personally using a 0.8mm motorized punch. Using FUE on a case like this allows me to choose the hair follicles with the most amount of hairs per follicle. This allows us to use fewer follicles overall to create larger impact cosmetically.

Notice how the hair length and lighting in the before and after photos are similar.

Also notice how the hair in the crown is combed forward to critically evaluate the "actual" result, as opposed to being combed back, which creates a "comb back" and can artificially make the "after" photos look better than they actually are.

Uniform before and after photos are key to evaluating the reality of hair transplant results.

This patient is thrilled with his results.

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