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02-21-2016, 11:19 PM
I realize I have a receded hairline. I'm not necessarily here for comforting words about that. Attached is an album with some pictures of my current hairline. I can't really gauge the rate or extent of recession because I wore my hair long and across my forehead until I was 21 or so. I am 25 now, and it does not seem like my hairline has receded a significant amount in the last four years. Another photo of my hair a little less than four years ago is also in the album. As you can see, my hairline comes to a single point that touches my brow, but the corners have receded in the usual manner. I haven't had any miniaturization tests, but there's no thinning or shedding as far as I can tell. My father still has his juvenile hairline, no hair loss whatsoever, not even a receding hairline, at 50. My maternal grandfather is more or less completely bald now at 76, but he was a Norwood 3 with thick hair in his 40s at least.

So my question is: what would you advise for treatment? I honestly don't like the idea of spending money to take propecia and be dependent on a drug for my hair, and have the hairloss eventually catch up to me anyway. Plus, my impression is it does not really work for recession above the temples. Do you think I will keep my thickness and a decent hairline into my mid to late 30s? If so, I don't think I would bother with propecia. However, if you think that may hairloss has a good chance of accelerating and becoming severe before I'm 30, I would consider it. Has anyone had a similar pattern of hairloss as me? What steps would you suggest I take to manage it?


02-23-2016, 08:32 PM
1.Get proscar 5mg from your doctor cut it into 4ths dirt cheap.
2.get kirkland minoxidil, I pay 30 dollars for a 3 month supply.