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02-18-2016, 03:03 AM
hi,ive tried twice before and got no replies. Just want an opinion... I am 30. no mpb really. 1 grandfather's hair thinned in his 50's...I have noticed some stray hairs on hairline and it seems thinner at the very front...i dont know if its always been this way.. first 2 pics are yesterday, third one was 5 years ago....thanks :)

xefer zahan
02-18-2016, 07:06 AM
It's happened, you must be used some hair thinner shampoo. I suffered that problem last 5 months ago. Now its lower than previous !!!

02-18-2016, 07:09 AM
From the pictures, I do not see much hairline change.

Personality and what I have read, that some users do experience worsening of the hair line when using finasteride.

It should not be a reason not to give it a try, just something to take into consideration.

If you hairloss is slow, then perhaps try nizoral 2% mixed with a little shampoo 2-3x a week.

Again if you can wait, then give it 3-6 months and then consider next course of action.

02-18-2016, 08:29 AM
Hello Matthew1985

Falcon's response and advice to you was very good and very commonsense.

Being that you are 30 years old now Matthew1985, Im sure that you do have
the proper foresight now than when you were in your teens and your early 20s.
It can be easier for you now to be accepting of what it is for today!
Of course you and EVERYONE else hates hairloss BUT none of us can ALLOW hairloss to affect us in a negative way.
There are so many different ways of dealing with it but the BEST initial way to deal with it is to be a 100% POSITIVE.
Back to Falcon's response to you, give Nizoral 2% a chance and I would suggest that you could also start taking minoxidil twice a day.
Biotin is a 'multivitamin' that has a long positive history of helping men and women's hairs to improve.

02-18-2016, 10:07 AM
Artista does minoxidil work on frontal hairloss,if yes then had u got any improvement while using it .??...and since how long are u using it???

02-18-2016, 10:23 AM
Hello Alarm962
First of all, I've been on finasteride since August 2013.
I began taking Biotin as well that year or early in 2014.
I've been seeing a lot of improvements to my hair over a course of 2+ years now.
I began using minoxidil mid November, 2015.
I've been on minoxidil for 3 months now and the improvements have gotten even better ,even at my front hairline now.
So I believe minoxidil is improving my front hairline .
I don't know if you know this but,
I was Dr. Wesley's second Pilofocus phase test patient in Nov. of 2015.
Dr. Wesley is the one that started me on minoxidil as well.
The grafts that he applied to my scalp are approx 3+" in back of my front hairline and into my crown area.
To say again, there were no grafts applied to the front of my hairline.
Prior to being a part of the phase testing I could see that my front hairline was receding even more especially on my left side.
The left side is looking more like the right side now and I could see improvements happening.
I feel that minoxidil has been doing that now!!

02-18-2016, 10:45 AM
Finally u reply to my question...yesterday I posted 2 thread of mine and was waiting for advice and help from u...it would be great if u look up to my thread...

02-18-2016, 11:03 AM
Alam' Sorry, but the facts are that I am (and have been) so very busy over the course of
the last year and a half.
( I am a professional artist with lots of art-commissions but I still have to have a regular job AS WELL')

Which thread of yours are you speaking of?
Ill check it out ones again. Again~sorry bro,

02-18-2016, 11:52 AM
Thanks for your advice. I have looked back at my father and uncles photos at my age and they had the same thing and they both still have hair now. its been a very slow loss for them, hope that is the same for me.... I dont think its at a stage at the moment where anyone other than me would notice....should i leave it a few months and see if it changes (since it hasnt much over the last few years) before starting any treatment? thanks again