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02-17-2016, 09:28 AM
I have never blogged on here before but found some of the threads very useful when making my decision so I thought it only right to share my experience.

I was put in touch with Spex by a friend of mine. I am not a huge researcher, he is, and I relied on the fact (he is a massive worrier) that he did all necessary research…i.e I trusted him. Spex then facilitated a meeting with Dr Feller and Dr Lindsey who were in the UK. I liked Dr Lindsey instantly, he is blunt and says it how it is. He told me not to bother doing the front of my head as this would continue to recede and be a waste of my money.

With the consultation done, I went ahead (with only one or two days of indecision!) of booking my flight to Washington, to have a 1800 graft FUT implant.

The procedure – I can’t tell you how little pain there was, few jabs and pinches here and there but after a good sleep felt absolutely fine the next day. I was looked after incredibly well by Dr L and his staff. Wendy in particular was amazing, and she came in on the Saturday am to wash my hair for me and then drove me to the airport for some R and R to Mexico. This reassurance and also showing me how to wash properly and how aggressive/non aggressive you can be, I think, was absolutely key in Dr Lindsey being very happy with the cleaning results, one week later.

After care – don’t understand how people pay for this to happen, stress about it and then don’t look after it properly. Really simple, wash and condition 2 times a day.

Results – who knows. 2 weeks in and I have a nice stubble growth but know this will fall out and I will have to wait again. Will post in a few months with, I hope, some good news.

Lessons learnt:

Know what you are getting done and be realistic about the results. I didn’t know I was having a friar tuck shave (my own idiotic fault) which was a bit of a shock. It doesn’t really matter and it is strangely liberating ( I think because I know I have taken action you feel more in control). Know that it gets better before it gets worse.
Chose a surgeon who is your type of person. I Liked Dr L, he is blunt and honest and there is no sugar coating. I don’t need fake reassurance and therefore it worked for me…I could imagine nothing worse than gushing compliments when everyone knows you look pretty horrific for a while. This might however work for you.
Be honest. Ive told people about my surgery and everyone knows. This, in my opinion, makes the recovery and waiting easier. My gym instructor introduced me and my new ‘squirrel’ to everyone this morning, I find it much easier to laugh about it.

02-17-2016, 09:51 AM
Thanx for blogging about your experience!
I have decided to get my hairline done with FUT but got a question.

how do you sleep with the scar in the back?

02-17-2016, 12:14 PM
You get different advice from different Dr's.

I slept on my back with my head supported by a travel pillow . Funny enough , I really got to like it and still sleep using one .

Dr. Lindsey
02-24-2016, 07:10 AM
Thanks for the post. Stay in touch. Now its just a waiting game...

Dr. L