View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey : What do you guys make of this?

Dr. Lindsey
02-15-2016, 09:12 AM
Maybe I'm just getting old, which I am...but I'm interested in what the general take is on this guy's head.

I'll give the answer in a couple of days.

Dr. Lindsey

02-15-2016, 01:23 PM
a bad Hair cut

Dr. Lindsey
02-18-2016, 07:51 AM
Correct. Here is a better pic.

What prompted this is a patient's wife sitting in the procedure room, looking over at one of my cutters as he was leaving....and she asked if that was a HT strip scar. Now I have seen scars that wide and sometimes 2 scars intersecting at that odd angle, but no, this is just a bad or BAD haircut.

Dr. L