View Full Version : Dr. Dauer- Beard FUE To Repair Strip Scar and Add Density

Marc Dauer, MD
02-11-2016, 05:16 PM

Here is a patient of mine who was treated previously by other hair transplant surgeons in the past. He received a scalp reduction and numerous strip harvesting procedures which left him with unsightly donor scars and scarring in the crown region.

The patient presented to me requesting improved concealment of the strip scar and grafting to the crown.

On examination the patient had no scalp donor hair available for transplantation so the decision was made to harvest neck beard hair via FUE and place grafts into the strip scar and the crown.

The beard grafts were extracted by me personally with a 0.75mm punch tip.

Just over 300 grafts were placed into the previous strip scar which measured almost 4cm across in certain parts.

Just over 600 grafts were placed in the crown around the previous scalp reduction scar where there was no hair previously.

The results are shown after 9 months so there should be some increased cosmetic density as the hair follicles thicken over the next 3-6 months.

The patient is thrilled with his results and has already planned another procedure for more grafts from the neck to be placed into the crown.

I am seeing more and more patients that had "old technology" hair transplants and are out of scalp donor hair. I am harvesting beard neck hair for these patients (I don't believe in harvesting from the face despite the almost invisible nature of the pinpoint scars from the extractions- I don't want to put any type of scar on the face).

Over and over I am hearing back from these patients how happy they are with the density of a small number of grafts and how happy they are with the easy recovery and almost non existent scarring from the extractions.

Even though the beard hair is of a different consistency than scalp hair the coarse nature of the hair can create even more cosmetic density than many individuals scalp hair. It will never be a first option before scalp donor hair, but it is a great option for patients with no more donor hair availability.

Just make sure that your physician is skilled in the art of FUE because beard hair extractions are an advanced level of FUE and without the proper experience the grafts can easily be damaged during the extraction process.

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