View Full Version : Interrupt minoxidil early because of surgery - more harmful to begin or not?

02-09-2016, 08:13 PM

Since mid-December, I know I have a diffuse AGA (general thinning) associated with telogen effluvium (40 to 50% telogen hair, I have already lost so much, it's probably mounted at least ... 70%).
I started finasteride (33 days), but for Minoxidil, there is a problem.

I must indeed undergo neurosurgery in march or early april and I first decided to start minoxidil after the operation - good basic sense ... - but I returned last week to the dermatologist for pain scalp and I took the opportunity to ask him if I could start minoxidil immediately to pause it a little before and after surgery - I was expecting him to say no, for 1 or 2 more months you can wait... but he told me that I had most to gain from start immediately than wait (he even said that 1 week off = no issue).
I am so afraid of "wasting time" that I'm tempted every day to start (to repair a huge hair loss since mid-November when no density loss was visible and stop the massive hair loss - I don't kwow yet if fin. works on me...) but I don't want to lose a hair cycle or doing more damage compared to doing nothing ... (I still have a lot of hair to fall with 50% telogen on the vertex).
So a few days break after 1 or 2 months of treatment, during the initial shedding phase, can this affect the process?

It's too frustrating, I want my december hairs back.
Is my dermatologist stupid or can he be right in a way?