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02-09-2016, 03:25 PM
This has taken me a lot.
I'm 21 and for about 3 or 4 years I have become literally obsessed with looking at my hair/hairline. As soon as I wake up I look, in the toilets at work I look it's become a habit. Some days I feel it looks good and I'm not receding too much. Other days I feel like I'm literally bald. I've always had real fine thin hair so I don't know if that contributes to anything. I just need some closure and know what options I have. I also want to point out I take biotin daily. I don't want to be bald till I'm atleast in my 30's hopefully.

02-09-2016, 06:35 PM
Upload better pics

02-09-2016, 09:46 PM
Hello Rynana amd WELCOME to the best hairloss forum there is,
Spencer Kobren's 'Bald Truth Talk'.
Me and a few other members are here especially to help young guys like you.

First of all, to respond to some things that you have said...
"I have become literally obsessed with looking at my hair/hairline"
Rynana, you must 'step back' a bit from being obsessed over
your hair possibilities.
Being that you are NOW 21 years old, you are experiencing a maturing of your hairline.
I do not see any hairloss, just a minor maturing hairline, and so far it doesn't seem that you are going to have any balding as yet!

Your other words...
"Other days I feel like I'm literally bald"
You of course are NOT bald,,nor are you experiencing any balding as yet.
You are ONLY possibly experiencing a maturing hairline,,thats all.
Your hair does look GOOD bro!!
You are now in your young 20s...your hair would never again look like it did when you were 16 years old.
IF you ALLOW yourself to become obsessed,too focused,over-concerned and stressed-out over any possibility of hairloss, then STRESS WILL cause bad issues to your hairline for sure.
That is a fact of life Rynana!
Step back a bit as I already have said to you.
There is NO NEED to be worried or concerned.
I am sure that NO ONE that is around you probably sees any difference to your hairline.

Another thing-
YES, take Biotin!!
Biotin has a LONG and PROVEN history of helping improve men and women's hair!
Later on, maybe you can consider starting on Minoxidil too.
At this point in time,it doesn't seem to be needed.
One more thing, you are so very young bro....you do not yet have the proper foresight within in you.
That is not an insult to you,,eventually you WILL have proper foresight
(later on after your mid to late 20s) ,,until that time please consider the commonsense given to you.

(DAVE52 is very correct- "Upload better pics")