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02-08-2016, 04:36 AM
Hi guys, Here is recent write up from Dr Alexander Dr Scott Alexander (http://biltmorehairrestoration.com) patient who was struggling to find the appropriate section to post in so I've copied his write up here and also added his pics. I will endeavour to help the patient upload his updates and progress here throughout the process.



I have been concerned about my hair loss since about age 19, and not a day has gone by where I look in the mirror and don't lament my slow progression toward baldness. Since I am now 49, that means 30 years of at least once a day being self conscious about my hair.

When I was in my early 30's, I noticed losses accelerating, and so I began taking propecia. At some point though the costs outweighed the benefits and I discontinued use. I had a young family and every dollar counted, so by the age of about 35 I buzzed my hair with clippers and no guard. From time to time I would attempt to grow things out just to see what kind of hairline I had. From my late 30's into my 40's I went with anywhere from a #2 to a #4. My hairdresser (a.k.a. wife at the time) would clip the sides and scissor cut the front.

Eventually though as I got into my mid to late 40's I settled on a #1- #2 guard and restarted using rogaine and propecia. It's funny when you are losing your hair you obsess over 1/8" of hair length and examine every angle in the mirror while most people couldn't care less about your hair. But that's the thing, it's you and that's why it matters. I just hated the thought of being described as the balding guy or the thinning hair guy or insert comment about hairloss here guy. So finally this year I had the chance and the will to do something about it.

I researched surgeons using thebaldtruth.com and went with Dr. Scott Alexander. I was impressed with his support team, the testimonials and results of his procedures. There were specific examples that I saw with hairloss patterns close to mine with impressive results with grafts in the 2500-4000 range. His associate Spex encouraged me to perform laxity exercises which I credit to giving me the extra boost in donor area. I emailed and called several times and felt I was receiving prompt and realistic responses. I decided to go for it!

On December 28th I had a face to face consult, with surgery scheduled for the 29th. I was nervous about coming from out of state and not having a chance to consult other than photos, emails and phone conversations. But I felt that the evidence weighed in my favor and so I moved forward. The procedure wasn't painless, but my comfort was monitored and my pain was managed.

I have posted before pictures and some same day and first week results on my profile. The Doctor did a great job of listening to what I wanted and delivering. I'm happy to say that he implanted over 3100 grafts with some larger 4 and 5 hair units that were used to bulk up the mid and back areas. The hair in the donor area was very useful and coarse according to Dr. Alexander, and he believes that when it all grows in I will be very pleased, so I am optimistic about things at the start. I will keep this updated to track my progress. I am extremely excited and I can't believe I finally did something about my hairloss.

Lastly I would like to thank the support staff at Dr. Alexander's office and Spencer (Spex) in prepping me, answering questions and even providing transportation back to my hotel after the procedure, not to mention beautiful accommodations while in Arizona. I feel like there haven't been any surprises because the conversations have been frank and honest. It will take time to ultimately determine my satisfaction, but I am optimistic based on what I see so far.