View Full Version : Dr Paul Struab, Torrance CA. So far all bad.

02-07-2016, 10:02 AM
I went in for 1000 hair grafts on Thursday and first I was shocked at how old he was compared to all his pictures online. I don't think it would be in my best interest having a 70-80+ year old man making surgical incisions on my head. He is well accredited so I let that go and continued on with the surgery. He made the incision on the back of my head (donor area) and had 2 younger ladies cut and graft them into the front of the head. Mind you they are not medically trained at all. I would expect some RN's or at least an LVN.

The doctor assured me during the original consultation that I would feel no pain... now think about that... you have a 5 inch incision in the back of your head and countless incisions on the front of your head to put the grafts in and you will feel no pain? I was not able to sleep on the back of my head due to the pain so I ended up sleeping on my couch on the side of my head for the next few days.

I went back in the next morning and he pulled the dressing off which I felt was too early since the scars were still healing. I asked for more pain medication to help me sleep and the doctor started going off on a rant about how I was addicted to drugs and his son was a heroine addict and he didn't want me to become like him????? Now keep in mind I was given 3 doses of acetaminophen+codeine which is weaker than the normal Vicodin a dentist gives for root canals and the doctor is calling me a drug addict? He said out of all the thousands of surgeries hes done no one has ever felt any pain... is he operating on robots? I really don't get it.

Fine I can tough it out. I refused any more medicines from them. I went home and my face started swelling and forming a black eye. I was taking ibuprofen and icing and hoping the swelling will go down (which it is slightly at this point). The last 2 nights I have been bandaging the back of my head so I can sleep more comfortably and every morning the bandage has some blood on it. I have been washing my hair for the last 2 days as instructed and when I put the triple antibiotic ointment on my scalp I am noticing some hair grafts coming out. I don't know if this doctor just botched my procedure. I am really worried now and 100% regretful I went to him.

Also he is quite expensive. It cost me 3725 + 150 for blood test for the minimum 1000 grafts.