View Full Version : Possible to maintain Dutasteride hair on Finasteride?

02-04-2016, 05:10 AM
Hello, I am in the early onset of balding with some thinning at the crown and a slightly receded hairline. I am 7 months in on finasteride 1, 25 mg every day and I am using nizoral shampoo 3 days per week. So far, I have not seen that much of a difference and since my hair loss was slow to begin with it is hard to judge its effectiveness.
I have decided that I will go all in to stop my balding and maintain as long as I can. I hope that some of the new solutions like Replicel will come to fruition in the near future and help us all. I can not use minox since I have mild scalp psoriasis and donít wont to aggravate that. As everyone here I want to maximize my gains and particularly in the crown. For the hairline, I may go for a transplant in the future.
Since I cannot use minox and have to resort to fin/niz I was wondering if I could use Dutasteride to boost regrowth, then stop DUT, and retain whatever gains I get on Fin alone?
I donít like the long term idea of using DUT for decades, but if Fin should not/stop working for me I am willing to make the switch permanently also. Since I am only 7 months into Fin would it be smarter to wait until I have used it for two years to assess the final results?